Explosion-proof vibrators

The vibrators are used to generate vibration in machinery and equipment utilized in explosion-hazardous types of production in chemical, natural-gas and oil-refining industries, where explosive gas mixtures and steam with air, categorized as IIA, with the temperature code class T4 as per GOST R 51330.0-99, GOST R 51330.5-99, GOST R 51330.11-99, can be generated.

The range of vibrators application in explosion-hazardous zones is in compliance with the chapter 7.3 of the Installation Operating Procedures (PUE)-86.

Type of explosion protection – “flame-proof” enclosure as per GOST R 51330.1-99.

Special vibration-resistant rollers bearing SKF, ensuring long operational life are used in the vibrators design: explosion proof-mark 1ЕхdIIAT4 as specified in GOST R 51330.0-99.

In its performance data – service life and mounting dimensions - the vibrator matches similar in design foreign vibrators made by Italvibras and Venancetti.