The vibratory screed VRP-01-2 is designed for compaction and leveling of concrete mixes in concreting of floors, roads and various platforms in industrial and civil engineering. The vibratory screed makes it possible to produce surface casting using low-humidity concrete mixes (up to 20% of water). It is quite difficult to pore such mix, using traditional methods, since it has low workability and rammability. While the screed is used, its vibration minimizes the concrete porosity, making it possible to maximize uniformity of the concrete mix distribution.


The key element of the screed is a general purpose electro-mechanical vibrator with circular vibrations of the classical series EV-320E or the IV-01-50E vibrator with increased cycle life, which are rigidly connected with an aluminum blade. The adjustable handle with a push-button switch make the screed handling easy and convenient. To protect the operator from electrical shocks the vibratory screed is fitted with an emergency circuit breaker with a europlug and a cable (0,5meters long).

     The vibratory screed can be operated with an adjustable electronic frequency converter, providing an opportunity to alter the vibration frequency, increasing or        decreasing it by 1,5 times from the rated frequency (50Hz) within the exciting force limits, to save electrical energy, to limit in-rush currents and optimize the working mode.

Technical characteristics:

       Performance rating

EV-320Е or IV-01-50Е

      Rated power input, kW


      Nominal voltage, V


      Frequency rating, Hz


      Synchronous vibration frequency, Гц


      Static torque, kg/cm

0,5; 1,0 

      Exciting force at synchronous vibration frequency, kN

0,5; 1,0

      Working surface area LхB, mm


      Overall dimension for transportation LхBхH, mm


      Weight, kg